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  • Learn Music Production - Fundamentals, Music Theory, Mixing, Layering, Mastering, and more. Benefit from the insights I've curated over 5 years of working in the industry, which includes ghost producing music for major artists and collaborating with top-tier Sample Pack and Plugin making companies.
  • The sessions are pre-recorded, granting you instant access to the content for next 12 months.
  • Additional monthly sessions for questions and music feedback to boost your learning.
  • Hands-on assignments for Music Theory, including my exclusive MIDI Chords Pack!
  • Explore case studies featuring different types of Music Projects, complete with the FLP (FL Studio Project) files.
  • BONUS 1: Get My Sonic Elements Sample Pack with Over 1GB of Samples for FREE!!
  • BONUS 2: Get My Sonic Alchemy eBook for FREE!!. This 300+ Pages eBook which covers everything starting from basics all the way upto advanced mixing / mastering Techniques in FL Studio.
  • Discover the tips and tricks used by "pro" producers to elevate their mixes to the next level. These insights aren't freely shared on platforms like YouTube.
  • Any similar professional Music Production Course will be at least 5x times more expensive than this course and will not provide the same value for money.
  • The only prerequisite for the course is FL Studio. You can download the trial version for free.
Over 1GB collection of high-quality samples which includes a wide range of instruments and sounds to inspire your creativity and bring your music to life.
100 - Kick
100 - Clap
100 - Synth
100 - Snare
100 - FX
100 - MIDI
70 - HiHats
40 - Percs
40 - Fills
‎ ‎ 20 - 808
‎ ‎ 25 - Cymbl
‎ ‎ 15 - Rides
35$ [Included For FREE]
Discover insider techniques, FL Studio Tips and Tricks, sound design wizardry, vocal processing mastery, captivating effects, advanced Mixing and Mastering.
  • FL Studio Tips and Ticks
  • Playlist, Tools, Channel Rack Linking
  • Piano Roll and Melody Making Tricks
  • Advanced Mixer Routing and Automations
  • Sound Designing and ADSR Tricks
  • Dynamics: Compression, Sidechain, EQ
  • Track FX: Basics to Advanced
  • Vocal Recordings and Processing
  • Advanced Mixing Tips and Secrets
  • Mastering Fundamentals and Tips
15$ [Included For FREE]


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  • Understanding the Music Production Process
  • Essential Equipment for Your Home Studio
  • Setting Up Your DAW - FL Studio
  • Mixer Techniques and Efficient Routing
  • Unlocking the Power of the Channel Rack
  • Exploring the Playlist and Essential Tools
  • Mastering Automation Clips and Grouping
  • Workflow Enhancements and Productivity Tips
  • Real-world Case Studies

Music Theory

  • Scales, Triads, and Fundamental Chords
  • Exploring Advanced Chords and Inversions
  • Craftsmanship in Writing Chord Progressions
  • Understanding Relative Major and Minor Progressions
  • Unveiling the Magic of Scale Transposition
  • Navigating the Circle of Fifths
  • Decoding Chords in Any Song
  • Crafting Captivating Melodies
  • Application through Case Studies and Assignments

Mixing and Layering

  • Layering Strategies: Routing, Parallel, and Bus FX
  • EQ: Mid/Side, CutOff, Band, Advanced
  • Dynamics: Compression, Limiting, and SideChaining
  • Sculpting with Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Saturation
  • Achieving Depth with Stereo Imaging Techniques
  • Layered Instrumentation: Components and Balancing
  • Expertly Mixing Bass, SAWs, and Leads
  • Perfecting Synths, Piano, and Drum Mixes
  • Case Studies, Exercises and FLP Breakdowns

Vocal Processing and Mastering

  • Establishing Optimal Gain Staging
  • Achieving Smooth Portamento and Sliding Notes
  • Mastering Vocal Processing and Mixing Techniques
  • In-Depth Breakdown of My Most Famous Song
  • Fundamentals of the Mastering Process
  • Precision with Multi-Band Compression
  • Unleashing the Power of FL Studio's Maximus VST
  • Mastering Mastery Using the Maximus Plugin
  • Application through Case Studies and Exercises

Track From Scratch

  • Coming up with Chords and Melodies
  • Adding, Selecting, and Mixing Drums
  • Layering and Mixing Bass Lines
  • Layering and Mixing Chords and Saws
  • Layering and Mixing Leads
  • Sub Mixing and Sidechaining
  • Creating Pre-Master and Final Mix
  • Mastering, Exporting, and Distribution
  • Creating DJ Mashups in FL Studio

Live Sessions

  • Exclusive Live Sessions with Osheen
  • Discuss your doubts and issues
  • Present your tracks and get feedback
  • Gain Industry Insights
  • AMA on Music Theory and Fundamentals
  • Discuss New DAW Features
  • Conducted every Month
Meet your instructor
Hi, I'm Osheen, a music producer from India. I've been involved in the music production business for over 5 years. I've worked with advertising agencies and copyright-free labels, creating background music. I've also collaborated with some major plugin and sample pack makers in the industry to help enhance their products. Additionally, I create music production tutorials that are watched by over 40 million viewers.